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Annie Laurie

Annie Laurie began her career in Territory Bands of Snookum Russell and Dallas Bartley, which led to her first recording in 1945, a cover of W.C.
Handy's St. Louis Blues.
Shortly thereafter she came to New Orleans and joined Paul Gayten's band, with whom she recorded a number of tracks for the R&B label De Luxe Records, which also included Sam Woodyard from the 1950s.
She had a hit with the song Since I Fell for You in 1947, with Paul Gayten's trio accompanying her (Deluxe 1082); the song peaked at #3 on the R&B chart, where it stayed for eight weeks.
She made almost twenty other recordings for the label.
In 1949, following a takeover of the label, Laurie moved with the label owners to Regal Records, where she had two more hits in the top ten that same year and the following year.
Other songs by the Laurie/Gayten band included Lonely Blues (Deluxe 3192, 1948, Cutting Out Regal, 1949, Annie's Blues (De Luxe 3211, and a cover of the Lucky Millinder Hits I'll Never Be Free (Regal 3258, 1950

With the Regal label on the brink of collapse, she began a solo career with Okeh Records, then moved to Savoy Records in the mid-1950s.
In 1956 she returned to DeLuxe-Labek to record her biggest hit It Hurts to Be in Love in 1957, which peaked at #3 on the R&B chart.
In 1960, If You're Lonely followed, which also charted.
In the early 1960s she made further recordings for the Ritz label before she left the music business to work exclusively as a church musician. Annie Laurie was reportedly a role model for Dinah Washington.


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