Al Willis / Rockin'Rocket
15.10.2022 - 00:42

Al Willis & The New Swingster

The New Swingsters are Red Dennis (batterie) et Pascal Doublebass)

Vocally speaking, Willis is not a wild man, or on the hiccupy side of Rockabilly, his growl is deep and steady. It evokes the voices of early Elvis, Warren Smith with some country twang a la Dale Watson (what a combination!) And if that wasn’t enough, he’s a darn good guitar player too.
He is ably backed by two veterans of the French scene, namely Pascal Albrecht (Southerners, Mystery Train) on double-bass and Red Dennis (Sprites) on drums. Together they build a solid rhythm that is always supportive and never pervasive. Many double-bass players should take example on Albrecht, who doesn’t slap his bass when it’s unnecessary, especially when you have a drummer like Red Dennis.
The styles range from traditional Rockabilly to hillbilly bop, with some country and western and a touch of blues.


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