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Rip Carson

Rip Carson and The Twilight Trio was formed in the hot summer of 97'. The band started out with Rip Carson slappin' bass and singing. Then Rip Carson found Reece Linley to play bass and Rip switched over to lead guitar. Since the early days of the band they have gone through major lineup changes. Once Rip Carson met Danny Angulo and heard his amazing picking a bond was instantly formed.

Rip Carson switched to just singing and playing rhythm guitar with Danny on lead. Then next addition was of Charles Henning on drums. As soon as all the elements came together they have had a tight unique sound all there own since. According to Rip Carson he has been searching for these boys his whole life, and now that he has found them they are going to the top.

Rip Carson formed his first band at the age of eleven in West Virginia. He has been playing in bands since and he feels this is the best one yet. Rip Carson was influenced by his uncle who also played in a rockabilly band known as "Bill Sykes and the Rhythmeers." This early influence and the fact that he had been singing since he was born have helped form a band that is constantly on the rise in today's rockabilly scene.

For anyone that has seen the band play, they know that Rip Carson's stage presence is one of the wildest in history. Rip Carson accounts for this by saying " when I hear the music it makes me insane, it is the original devils music. It is just as savage and shocking as it was when it was first introduced". Even though rockabilly is supposed to be wild and rockin' Rip still gets censored every now and again, but nothing will stop this rockabilly powerhouse. So keep your eyes out for there up and coming album on Rockin' Ronny Weiser's Rollin' Rock records this summer.

-Chris Auger '99.

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