Lattie Moore / Rockin' Country Style

Lattie Moore

Singer (Country/Rockabilly), born 16 October 1924 in Scottsville, Kentucky; died 13 June 2010 in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The singer Lattie Moore, who has died aged 85, was held in high regard by lovers of hillbilly and rockabilly music, and had a small but valid place in the history of rock'n'roll. Born in Scottsville, in south-western Kentucky, he grew up within easy range of the radio station WSM (We Shield Millions, named after the slogan of an insurance company that once owned it) in Nashville and its Saturday night country music showcase, the Grand Ole Opry. He listened appreciatively to Roy Acuff and, later, Ernest Tubb.

At about the age of 20, Moore moved to Indianapolis, where, after a brief period of service in the navy, he sang and played the guitar on the radio, later joining the cast of the WICB Jamboree. In 1951 he made his first record, Hideaway Heart/Married Troubles, for a local label, Arrow; collectors hunted for it for more than 50 years before a copy turned up. The following year, he tried again. In Nashville he met Frank Innocenti, one of the owners of Speed Records, coming out of the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, and auditioned for him there on the street.

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