The Blue Cats / Rockabilly Revival

The Blue Cats

The Blue Cat Trio – Tony n Tennessee Rebels 1978-1980

Teenagers Carlo Edwards and Stef Edwards had been members of The Blue Cat Trio. In 1979 The Blue Cat Trio recorded their first E.P. for Tony Martins “Red Hot” record label and in the summer of 1980 recorded their first album for the Dutch label Rockhouse. But before the record was released everything came to an abrupt halt, when Dave Phillips left the band and the Blue Cat Trio came to an end.

In 1979 teenagers Clint Bradley and Mitch Caws who were members of Southampton Rockabilly band “Tony n Tennessee Rebels” also recorded an E. P. for Red Hot Records, thereby meeting Tony Martin who in a few short months would introduce Clint and Mitch to Carlo and Stef after the Blue Cat Trio had split up.
And so in September 1980 the long affray began, a group of teenagers met in South London to begin their journey onto the great wide open plains of creativity. Clint Bradley, Carlo and Stef Edwards, Mitch Caws, along with guest saxophonist Clive Osbourne, had their first rehearsal together in Carshalton and began a quest that continues to this day. From the outset it was clear to all of them that they wanted to begin creating their own identity and not repeat what any of them had done previously. Right from the start they set about crafting their own sound. The Blue Cats would not be a sound-alike band, that time was past for all of them! They would take all the musical influences that they had collectively as a band, and create something entirely new. This was far from plain sailing and they had to deal with a lot of opposition in the beginning and still do to this day, but it was their way or nothing. They played their first gig together in Holland in October 1980.

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