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Logo Rockin'the Blues Informed by Blues, Boogie Woogie, Jazz, R&B, Hillbilly and Country music, Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly became the first music to aim directly at a teenage audience, and it hit. Rock 'n' Roll extended an unparalleled influence around the world.

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Alis Lesley meets Elvis Vacation in Las Vegas, NV from November 10-18, 1956

Johnny Cash & Tony Joe White

Dick Dale

Ray Condo / Rockin'Rocket

Ray Condo And His Ricochets

Ray Condo (May 16, 1950 – April 15, 2004), born Ray Tremblay, was a Canadian rockabilly singer, saxophonist, and guitarist.

Born Ray Tremblay in Hull, Quebec, Ray grew up in nearby Ottawa, Ontario, the third of five children. Ray's two brothers, William (Billy) and Robert were younger; his two sisters, Eileen and Maureen were older. Condo taught himself to play the guitar at 11 and by the time he was 16 he had co-written and released his first recording, 'If You Only Knew' with a band in the style of the British invasion called The Peasants.

Ray attended an elite vocational fine art & design high school specifically established by the Ontario Ministry of Education for those showing exceptional talent in fine art and design. An intense and rigorous 4-year program, many who started never completed the course but Ray seemed to thrive in this environment. It was during this time that his sister Eileen passed on. This shook Ray to the core but he continued on, graduating and finding himself on the road, heading west and away from Ottawa. Reaching Vancouver, Ray studied at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Not feeling all that challenged by their curriculum, after one year he dropped out and found himself drawn to a world he would eventually return to for good ... music! That started with him playing bass in a Vancouver punk rock group called The Secret Vs.

He left for Montreal to paint for a year, but once again got caught up in music, getting together with bassist Clive Jackson, banjoist Chris Dean, violinist Edgar Bridwell, guitarist Eric Sandmark, and drummer Peter Sandmark to form a band called Ray Condo and his Hardrock Goners, named for Hardrock Gunter, an early rock and roll musician. The Hardrock Goners performed a variety of styles, such as rockabilly, jazz, blues, country and western swing. Their first recordings appeared on the Og label's compilations, "It Came From Canada". They then established their own record label, "Crazy Rekkids".

He earned the last name "Condo" from friend Regan O'Connor, who also came up with the name of the band, Ray Condo and his Hardrock Goners.

In 1991, he returned to Vancouver. The Hardrock Goners toured with him for another three years, and then he and his bassist merged in with a group called The Five Star Hillbillies, to create a new group called The Ricochets, named after how much they "bounced around". They made their last album in 2000.

In 2003, Condo suffered from a minor heart attack. A year later, new band member Ian Tiles found Condo dead from a heart attack in his Vancouver apartment.

Sylvia Sands / Rockin'Rocket

Sylvia Sands

Sylvia Sands
has been active as an artist in the Rockabilly scene since 2008, although she followed it for many years before. In fact, over the years Sylvia has traveled extensively on her own throughout Europe and the US to see and learn about the most important Rockabilly/Rock'n'Roll artists of the 50's and modern era.

She wrote and composed her first album "Evil Love" together with other musicians of the European Rockin' scene like Vince Mannino and Axel Praefcke. All songs are written by herself and are about the two opposite aspects of love. She takes inspiration from real stories and describes on the one hand the perfect love that makes a woman feel like a "queen of the world".

Everything seems perfect and burns like never before, but at some point the true nature of this perfect love is revealed - it's just a false love full of lies, an "evil love". The last song of the album "9.30 Berlin Blues" is a sad song that describes the desperate attempt of the woman to return to the perfect love that she never experienced and that grows every day.

In addition to her music, the artist has also participated in several film productions, including the award-winning short film "The Prowler". In her free time, she is involved in various charities, including an organization that works to save endangered species.

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Sylvia Sands ist seit 2008 als Künstlerin in der Rockabilly-Szene aktiv, obwohl sie diese schon viele Jahre zuvor verfolgt hat. Im Laufe der Jahre reiste Sylvia Sands auf eigene Faust durch Europa und die USA, um die wichtigsten Rockabilly/Rock'n'Roll-Künstler der 50er Jahre und der modernen Ära zu sehen und kennenzulernen.

Sie schrieb und komponierte ihr erstes Album "Evil Love" zusammen mit anderen Musikern der europäischen Rockin' Szene wie Vince Mannino und Axel Praefcke. Alle Songs sind von ihr selbst geschrieben und handeln von den zwei gegensätzlichen Seiten der Liebe. Sie lässt sich von realen Geschichten inspirieren und beschreibt einerseits die perfekte Liebe, bei der sich eine Frau wie eine "Königin der Welt" fühlt.

Alles scheint perfekt und brennt wie nie zuvor, aber irgendwann wird die wahre Natur dieser perfekten Liebe enthüllt - es ist nur eine falsche Liebe voller Lügen, eine "böse Liebe". Der letzte Song des Albums "9.30 Berlin Blues" ist ein trauriger Song, der den verzweifelten Versuch der Frau beschreibt, zu der perfekten Liebe zurückzukehren, die sie nie erfahren hat und die jeden Tag wächst.

Neben ihrer Musik hat die Künstlerin auch in mehreren Filmproduktionen mitgewirkt, darunter der preisgekrönte Kurzfilm "The Prowler". In ihrer Freizeit engagiert sie sich für verschiedene Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen, darunter eine Organisation, die sich für die Rettung bedrohter Tierarten einsetzt.

Sylvia Sands est active en tant qu'artiste sur la scène rockabilly depuis 2008, même si elle la suivait depuis de nombreuses années auparavant. Au fil des années, Sylvia Sands a voyagé seule à travers l'Europe et les États-Unis pour voir et connaître les artistes rockabilly/rock'n'roll les plus importants des années 50 et de l'ère moderne.

Elle a écrit et composé son premier album "Evil Love" avec d'autres musiciens de la scène rock européenne tels que Vince Mannino et Axel Praefcke. Toutes les chansons ont été écrites par elle et parlent des deux côtés opposés de l'amour. Elle s'inspire d'histoires vraies et décrit, d'une part, l'amour parfait qui fait qu'une femme se sent « reine du monde ».

Tout semble parfait et brûle comme jamais auparavant, mais à un moment donné, la vraie nature de cet amour parfait est révélée : ce n'est qu'un faux amour plein de mensonges, un « mauvais amour ». La dernière chanson de l'album "9.30 Berlin Blues" est une chanson triste qui décrit la tentative désespérée de la femme de revenir à l'amour parfait qu'elle n'a jamais connu et qui grandit chaque jour.

En plus de sa musique, l'artiste est également apparue dans plusieurs productions cinématographiques, dont le court métrage primé « The Prowler ». Pendant son temps libre, elle s'implique dans diverses œuvres caritatives, notamment une organisation qui œuvre pour la sauvegarde des espèces menacées.

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1 Rockin# With My Baby
2 Growing Love
3 Just A Rockin# Mama
4 In Or Out
5 Burning For Love
6 Forgive Me
7 Rock 'n# Roll Soul
8 Nothin# Else Can Be
9 No More Sorrow
10 Evil Love
11 9:30 Berlin Blues

The Sprites / Rockabilly Revival

The Sprites (Top French Rockabilly band)

The Sprites (Philippe Servente – lead vocals, Pascal Guimbard – lead guitar, François Gadotti – double bass, Lionel Decaix – rhythm guitar, Red Dennis – drums) were a French rockabilly band that played between 1983 and 1986. Their sound was heavily influenced by Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps first albums. After a set in Holland they caught the attention of Ray Frensham, then boss of Northwood Records who released two songs (White Lightning and the self penned Share Of Love) on the Big Noise from Northwood sampler (NW1002). A third song, a cover of Vincent’s B-I-Bickey-Bi, Bo-Bo-Bo later appeared on The Northwood Story Vol. 1. Those songs were lifted from the band’s self released cassette that one can find on the web (most of the tracks are also on you tube) with covers like Long Blonde Hair, Sunny Side Of The Street, I Knocked Bim Bam, Warm Love etc.
They were a great band with a great sound and that’s a pity they never released a proper record of their own.

After the band stopped only Pascal Guimbard and Red Dennis remained active on the musical scene. The former went on to play with the Go Getters, Red Hot & Blue (on Havin’ a Ball), moved to the USA and played with the Dalhart Imperials, came back to France and went full circle by playing double bass with the Gene Vincent influenced band the Capitols while the latter played drums with the Hot Rock and many other acts (Al Willis etc.).

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